ODFW’s 2019-2021 Budget

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife is a lightning rod for criticism by some.  Having worked for years with many caring department employees I find that disapproval often misplaced.  ODFW would like to do much more for the citizens of Oregon but they are hamstrung by a very tight budget.  Not long ago they literally ended one month with $1.67 in the bank!  After cutting personnel and facilities, and raising fees, they are now in better shape but things remain tight.  They are currently planning their 2019-2021 budget and you have a chance to weigh in.

I was in Salem today as a member of ODFW’s External Budget Advisory Committee, one of many concerned hunters, anglers, and conservationists.  As discussed in depth at the meeting, ODFW is one of the only state departments largely dependent on user fees for their operation.  Unfortunately for the ODFW budget, while the population of Oregon has exploded over the past few decades, the numbers of anglers and hunters has stayed fairly constant and is projected to drop.

ODFW continues the modernization of their department, one of the ways they hope to control costs and recruit new anglers and hunters.  You should check out MyODFW.com from your mobile device.  You should also plan to attend their “Budget Town Hall” in Bend to give your feedback to the department as they prepare their next budget.

Tuesday, April 3rd, 7 pm to 8:30, CCOC, Boyle Education Building, Room 155.