Climate changes in Montana (and locally)

I was recently sent a link to an interesting article about climate change’s impact on fly fishing in Montana and the continued denial of the science by so many, even the local Trout Unlimited chapter.  The article is part of a series by Inside Climate News.  It was worthwhile reading and also reminded me of anglers venting about PGE causing changes on the lower Deschutes and not considering the undeniable changes we have seen in our local climate over the past few years.  Clearly, the SWW has made an impact on the river, but so has a series of droughts, low water years, and year after year of record hot summers.  Next week is the annual 2-day Deschutes fisheries workshop and I look forward to hearing the latest science on the lower D.

BTW, this is a fisheries advocacy blog, not a fishing blog, but I have to say that fishing this spring has been epic.  I have had fantastic fishing on the surface with stonefly patterns on the Deschutes from Steelhead Falls all the way to Maupin.  It has almost been too easy to catch, big, healthy redbands.  I like a little challenge with my fishing.  Other rivers have been equally productive and remain uncrowded (get out there and find them).  Hopefully you have been having a great time on the water as well.