Very Good News, but Weather is not Climate

3.4.19 Oregon Snow Pack

Here’s the latest Oregon snow pack data.  Obviously, this is extremely good news and a big turnaround from only a couple of weeks ago.  A large snow pack combined with a cool spring will allow for a long, slow release of melt water into our aquifers, rivers, and lakes.  This was highly unexpected but more than welcome news.  Now let’s hope for a cool spring.

That being said, it is important to remember that weather is not climate.  Weather tells you if you need to put on a jacket, climate tells you if you will successfully be able to grow food in the future.  Overall, Oregon remains in a drought, although not the “extreme” drought that was measured just a few weeks ago.

2.26.19 Drought Monitor

Why are we still in a drought?  The ground had very low moisture content prior to the recent storm, the water content in the snow was low, and we are not yet to the historical peak of the winter snow pack.  We need more snow, with higher moisture content, and a cool spring to get out of the drought.