ODFW’s Comments on OID’s PAD

Well, that’s an acronym filled title.  Here are Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife’s comments on Ochoco Irrigation District’s Pre-Application Document to build a hydro electric facility on Bowman Dam.  It’s 37 pages and filled with questions about how the facility and it’s transmissions lines will impact fish and wildlife on the Crooked River.  Some are pretty basic, like how will flows be ramped up and down so as to not negatively impact fish?  Even a cursory reading shows that it is far too early in the process to give a blanket endorsement to this project, even if you agree (like I do) that the idea seems to have merit.

You can read all the public comments on OID’s PAD by going to the eLibrary link on FERC’s website and typing in “P-14791” in the docket number search field.  The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, US Fish & Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, National Park Service, and WaterWatch of Oregon all made comments.