“Day Trip” Steelhead Update

For Central Oregonians, the “day trip” on the Deschutes is the stretch from Warm Springs to Trout Creek.  While steelhead counts on the Columbia are somewhat elevated from last year’s dismal numbers, it has not translated into good returns on the day trip section so far this season.  According to fish counts on the PGE website, a total of 186 steelhead have been captured at the trap near the base of the Pelton Reregulating Dam from May through October.  Of those, 8 were true wild fish and were returned to the river. 15 of the fish were planted as fry or smolts above Lake Billy Chinook.  Most of these will be released into LBC with the hope they will naturally reproduce in the Crooked River or Whychus Creek.  The 163 hatchery fish will mostly be used as brood stock for future hatchery production.  These are small numbers, but the next three months typically see the most fish arrive.  Keep your fingers crossed.