Thornburgh Resort: Comment by Next Tuesday

Thornburgh Resort, the water monster that just won’t go away, is up for its next Deschutes County hearing. Comments are due by 6 pm on January 4. Central Oregon LandWatch has an excellent discussion of the topic as well as information on how to comment on their website. Water is at the heart of the matter. Below are the comments I have submitted.

Ms. Brewer,

Thornburgh Resort has obtained approval for development in part based on obtaining mitigation water that has not been proven to exist.  In an email exchange with me, the Oregon Water Resources Department has stated that they have not measured the actual flow in Deep Canyon Creek, the source of the mitigation water.  The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife approved Thornburgh’s mitigation plan based on the representation that the paper water right claimed to have been obtained by Thornburgh represented actual wet water.  Thornburgh should not be allowed to continue development until it has been verified that the wet water in the creek matches the paper water right.  Further, development should cease until Thornburgh can prove that have actually obtained the right to this water.


Yancy Lind