Klamath River habitat restoration

As I predicted, now that some of the Klamath River dams are scheduled to be removed, everyone who ever made any comment about it is claiming partial credit. Dam removal was primarily a business decision by PacifiCorp. To the extent that outside influence played a role, credit should go to various Tribes whose ancestral homes were along the river and to Trout Unlimited. Based on some of the things they have done (or not done) in Oregon, I have a mixed view of TU but they deserve credit here. They are also seeing this effort through to the end by working with NOAA, PSMFC, and others to plan and implement the massive amount of habitat restoration that will need to occur in the “reservoir reach” of the river. This is unheralded work that must be done once the dams are removed. Here’s one page overview and here’s a great site if you want to dive into this wonky subject some more. (Take a look at page 3 of this document to see who is really working this issue.)